Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Favorite Gingersnaps

We interrupt your regularly scheduled recipe post to bring you this more personal note . . .

The British call a person with red hair a "ginger".  Since I have not one, but two gingers, we get a lot of comments about the kids' hair.  On top of that, neither my husband nor I have red hair.  Or even slightly red hair.  I love it.  And I loved my friend's suggestion that I refer to my kids as "gingersnaps" on this blog.  Perfect!  So while I do really enjoy these cookies, the two cuties pictured above are my favorite gingersnaps! =)

And . . . on the topic of my children . . . coming this March, we'll be adding a third little, uh, "snap" to our mix!  Someone do the math and tell me what the odds are that #3 will be a ginger.  I'd say the odds go up after having two in a row, right?!

So that's my main reason/excuse for the infrequent, less-than-exciting recipes posted over the summer.  I was happy to eat.  I just didn't want to be anywhere near the preparation part.  And my pregnancy tastebuds/cravings went bazerk.  I mean, we're talking Ramen and Kraft Mac-n-Cheese bazerk!  Help me!  Plus my husband was gone.  For most of my first trimester.  So that's the other reason why there weren't a lot of posts here.  Without the hubby to encourage me and share in the goodness, cooking wasn't as much fun.  PBJs were just too easy.  And after I made myself try this recipe, and then threw the entire thing out because it was a total FAIL (still not sure why), I took a break.

But we're back together now, I'm feeling great, and I don't mind cooking again.  And there are plenty of yummy things I've been wanting to make.  Plus, I found what will be my first pumpkin recipe of the season.  I'm making myself wait until October!


  1. I too crave Ramen, mac-and-cheese, and basically any processed, packaged food that I normally never touch! So weird.

  2. I craved Nacho Cheese Doritos when I was prego with Selah. Thank goodness we can't buy those here. I would have eaten them by the pound! So excited about your pregnancy. I feel so blessed to have a "ginger" of my own.

  3. Congratulations!! So happy to hear your news.
    With my first pregnancy, I really had a thing for Ramen and Mac n Cheese, too. But my true love was tomato products: V8, pizza sauce, salsa by the spoonful- yum!


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