Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kitchen Gadgets

Since we live on the other side of the world from most of our loved ones, I am happy to report that my Christmas shopping is finished!  However, I'm reading enough blogs and receiving catalogues to remind me that plenty of you don't have the overseas shipping factor built in to your shopping timeline.  For some gift ideas, I thought I'd open my humble kitchen and share some of my favorite kitchen gadget things . . . the stuff besides the very basics that I use a lot.

Apple-peeler-corer-slicer - even if you don't make applesauce (which you should definitely try some time!), I still think this gadget is worth your cabinet space.  I'm surprised by how much I use it.  It makes dicing apples for muffins or bread much faster, kids think the curly-q shape is super fun to eat, it works well to do a pot of mashed potatoes, and did I mention homemade apple sauce couldn't be more fool-proof?

  Salt Bowl - I stopped using a salt shaker a while ago when a friend gave me a little wooden salt bowl.  Mine looks more like these, but I do wish it had a lid, like this one.  Dipping my measuring spoon into the bowl or, more often than not, taking one or two pinches is so much easier than pouring from a container. I know we're talking seconds here, but it adds up, right?  Plus, you can have whatever kind of salt you like without needing bigger holes in your shaker.

Kitchen Sheers - opening packages, "dicing" bacon, trimming green onions, splitting chicken . . . you name it, I've probably used my sheers for it.  

Large Jelly Roll Pan - I just bought my second pan because I was constantly using one, wishing I had another at the same time.  I roast vegetables for dinner a LOT.  These pans are also perfect for making a double batch of granola (time and money saver).  I don't own any other cookie sheets or flat baking pans.

Pampered Chef wooden spoons - my Nana gave me a set of these before I got married.  Nine years later, you will still always find one in my dishwasher or on my drying rack.  The same set.  No splitting, staining, splintering . . . as much as I've used them, I'm convinced these spoons are indestructible.  

Locking Tongs - I actually use chopsticks more than I use my tongs.  Living in China has left its mark.  But I would probably have burnt my hand less using these longer tongs to turn chicken or bacon in hot oil.  Tossing pasta or salad is super simple with these.  They are a regular go-to from my utensil drawer.

What's one of your favorite kitchen gadgets?


  1. I love OXO's slanted measuring cups. You can set the measuring cup down flat and pour your water/oil/liquid of any kind into the cup and see how many ounces/cups you're using. You don't have to squat down and get eye level with the counter b/c you can see it from above.

    Also, I love the grater/zester from Microplane. Great for ginger, lime zest (for key lime pies!), lemon zest, parmesan cheese wedges. It's super skinny and easy to store, and it's REALLY SHARP. Use it and you won't be able to use another tool for grating and zesting.

  2. The pampered chef small micro-cooker. We use it almost daily to steam veggies.


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