Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tofu Fries

I know some of you will think I've lost my marbles with this one, but they were actually very good!  My dad will never believe me, but the rest of you just need to trust me!  They are fried, after all.

vegetable oil for frying
1 package extra-firm tofu
seasoning salt

Pour oil into a large saucepan to a depth of 1 in. and heat to 350.  Cut tofu into sticks about 1/2 in. wide and 3 to 4 inches long; pat dry with a towel.

Drop tofu sticks into hot oil, working in batches.  They will try to stick like magnets, but after the first minute you should be able to separate them easily with a spoon or spatula.  Use a slotted spoon or spatula to gently turn tofu a few times; cook until golden brown, about 3 minutes.  Transfer to a plate lined with paper towels and sprinkle with whatever seasonings you like!

I used seasoning salt, a bit of pepper, and then dipped them in Thai sweet chili sauce.  My kids loved them too!

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