Thursday, September 16, 2010

Roasted Carrot Soup

As much as I love fall, saying goodbye to Summer is always difficult. This smooth soup helped the adjustment. It needed a little something at the end, but an extra dash of salt and some Sriracha (aka Rooster Sauce) did the trick. The recipe came from Simple Bites.

2 lbs carrots, peeled and uniformly sliced

2 tsp vegetable oil

salt & pepper to taste

1/2 tsp cumin

1 large onion, roughly chopped

2 tbsp veg oil

6 small new or nugget potatoes, about 2/3 lb (Use only waxy varieties)

2 quarts low-sodium chicken broth

1 cup cilantro (lightly packed)

Preheat oven to 400°F. Toss sliced carrots in 2 tsp vegetable oil, salt, pepper and cumin. Roast in the center of your oven for 30 minutes, turning once during cooking. Remove when slightly caramelized or blackened. Set aside.

In heavy bottomed saucepan, sauté onion on medium heat in 2 tbsp of oil. Meanwhile, peel potatoes and cut into large chunks.

Once onions have turned slightly translucent, add potatoes and sauté for about 10 minutes.

Add the stock and turn the heat up to high. Once boiling, lower to a simmer.

Keep simmering until the potatoes are almost done (about 10-15 minutes), then add the roasted carrots. Cook just enough to bring the carrots up to temperature, then remove from heat.

Pour soup into blender or food processor in batches (or use an immersion blender). Add in your cilantro at this point as well. Blend it all up until it’s as smooth as you like.

Return soup to saucepan and reheat.

Serve with crusty bread for dipping and even a swirl of sour cream or crème fraîche.
To Freeze: Allow soup to cool completely. Ladle into freezer-safe containers or glass jars, taking care to leave enough headspace to allow for ice expansion. Close lids, label clearly with the date and place in the freezer.
To Thaw: Whenever possible, thaw soup overnight in the refrigerator. For a quicker thaw, place jar in tepid water and let stand at room temperature. Never pour hot water over your jar or it may crack.

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