Sunday, August 15, 2010

Layered Sherbert Cake

I've decided on a new tradition: when staying with my in-laws (who are great at playing with my kids), I will embark on making a new dessert that requires my full attention (as opposed to the kind that I can make while playing cars, changing a diaper, getting lunch on the table, etc.). The tradition began with this cake and was carried on during our most recent trip with today's experiment. My Nana gave me the idea for this dessert a while back. The ingredients are very simple and it's fairly quick to put together, but you have to work quickly so the sherbert doesn't melt. The only big change I will make next time is to use two angel food cakes so there is more pure white cake to work with instead of having to use the crusty brown edges as a layer. It didn't look as pretty on the inside as I had hoped. But it was still a fun experiment and would be an impressive summer dessert.

2 angel food cakes
5-6 cups sherbert - use whatever colors you like or make all three layers the same color. It's up to you
1 tub cool whip, thawed

Place the sherbert you are going to use in a bowl(s) and let it soften while you are cutting the cake:

Using a serrated knife, cut the angel food cakes horizontally so you have four even layers of cake, discarding the crusty brown edge on the top of each cake. I didn't do this, so you'll notice in the picture below that the top two layers have the crusty brown part included - they don't look as nice and didn't stay together as well.

Working quickly, start with one layer of cake on your cake stand or serving platter. Smear 1-2 cups of sherbert evenly on top of the cake. Don't worry too much about making the sherbert even at this point. It will continue to soften and you can smooth it out after you've built all your layers. Repeat the cake and sherbert layers, ending with your fourth layer of cake on top. Using a spatula (or your fingers!), smooth out the sides of the sherbert layers, adding dollops of sherbert to fill holes if necessary to make the sherbert flesh with the cake. Put cake in the freezer for at least 30 minutes, up to one hour.

Remove cake from freezer and, working quickly, evenly spread thawed cool whip over the top and sides of the cake. Put cake back in freezer for at least one more hour before serving.

If your cake is like mine and resembles a role of toilet paper, add some brightly colored flowers to the top as a foreshadowing of the colorful surprise that comes when the cake is cut!

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